Non-Pro Player Committee

The Non-Pro Player Committee represents the interests of trumpet players who do not derive the major portion of their income from performing or teaching trumpet. The Non-Pro Player contingent begins with players who are starting over again (the Comeback Player) and runs the gamut from there through the highly competent professional player.
The goal of the Committee is to develop specific activities, events, and publications that address the specific interests and needs of the Non-Pro Player.
To this end, the committee has organized and regularly presents the following events that have become a regular part of the annual ITG Conference:
•           Non-Pro/Comeback Player Clinic
•           Non-Pro/Comeback Player Master Class
•           Non-Pro/Comeback Player Warmup Session
•           Non-Pro/Comeback Player Trumpet Ensemble
•           Non-Pro/Comeback Player Meet and Greet Reception
The efforts of the committee have extended to the ITG Web Site where there is now a section dedicated specifically to the Non-Pro Player. This section will continue to grow as the committee adds Non-Pro Player Clinic presentations along with original articles written specifically for the Non-Pro Player.
The committee is also active in developing Non-Pro Player articles for publication in the ITG Journal.
The Non-Pro Player Committee is here to serve you. We would first like to thank those who have previously served on the committee and have made much of this possible. Secondly, we hope that you will let us know what we can do to better serve you.

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Dan Hallock, Chair (USA, founding committee member 2005)
[email protected]  

Brian Evans, Board of Directors Liaison (Australia, appointed May 2018)

Tim Hering (USA, appointed August 2018)

Thomas Zoubek (USA, appointed August 2012)

Daryl Yaeger (Canada, appointed 2012)

John Hackett (United Kingdom, appointed September 2014)

NEW: Adult ITG Conference Grants

Because ITG conferences are inspirational no matter one's age, this new financial need-based grant will provide assistance to adults over 25 whose financial situation does not allow them to attend the annual ITG Conference. Cash awards from US$150 to US$250 and free conference registration will be awarded based on letters of recommendation from ITG members. The actual amount and number of grants will depend on dollars received. All dollars received by January 31 will be awarded for the next conference. There is no audition component or fee required for this grant. Letters of recommendation will be reviewed by a committee of ITG members, and recipients will be notified in March. Donors of Adult ITG Conference Grants at the US$100 level and above will be named in the conference program. Out of respect for privacy, recipients will NOT be named or acknowledged in the program or during the event.

ITG members are encouranged to support this program by donating and/or nominating someone.

Nomination Procedure: ITG members may nominate adults over 25 by sending a letter to: Treasurer, International Trumpet Guild, PO Box 2688, Davenport, IA 52809, or email to [email protected], stating how the nominee would benefit from attending the conference as well as the nominator's general understanding of the nominee's financial need. The letter should include the name, address, email and/or phone, and age of the nominee. Nomination letters must be received by the Treasurer by January 31 to be considered for the current year's conference.

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Non-Pro/Comeback Player Clinic
The Non-Pro Player Committee is responsible for selection and recommendation of the presenter and topic for the Non-Pro/Comeback Player Clinic at ITG Conferences

Previous ITG Conference Non-Pro/Comeback Player Clinics, Presenters and Topics:

2007 Amherst – Kim Dunnick, Comeback Player Basics

2008 Banff – Michael Tunnell (with Gordon Mathie & Matt Byrne), Recovering from Injury

2009 Harrisburg – Don Roeder and Brian Evans, Growing Old Gracefully with the Trumpet

2010 Sydney – Dan Hallock and Jeff Piper, Tools for Trumpet Players with Day Jobs

2011 Minneapolis – Kim Dunnick, Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

2012 Columbus, Georgia - Bryan Goff, Planning, Structuring, and Adapting to Your Comeback

2013 Grand Rapids - David Brown, Starting Over Again – The True Comeback Player

2014 Valley Forge - Vincent DiMartino, The Golden Years of Trumpet – Maintaining Technical and Musical Skills

2015 Columbus, Ohio – Gordon Mathie, Music is My Life

2016 Anaheim, California - Alan Siebert, Coming Back from Injury and Injury Avoidance

2017 Hershey, Pennsylvania - Chase Sanborn, How to Sustain Level on Limited Practice or Circuit Training for Brass Players

2018 San Antonio, Texas - David Vining, Using Body Mapping to Prevent Injury and Become More Efficient

The Non-Pro Players Committee is responsible for selection and recommendation of the Non-Pro Players Master Class pedagogue. The Non-Pro Player Master Class concept is to give a class where instead of lecturing on a topic, the pedagogue asks selected players to play in front of the attendees while the pedagogue notes the good and bad aspects, makes suggestions, etc.  In other words, presents a master class where the performers are not students, but “Comeback Players” or “Non-Pro Players”.

Previous ITG Conference Non-Pro Players Master Classes:

2012 Columbus, Georgia – Bill Pfund

2013 Grand Rapids – Jim Olcott, From the Heart

2014 Valley Forge – Tina Erickson

2015 Columbus, Ohio – Jeff Piper

2016 Anaheim, California – Jason Bergman

2017 Hershey, Pennsylvania - Judith Saxton -  Alexander Technique / Alexander Technique Resources

2018 San Antonio, Texas - John Irish

The Non-Pro Player Committee initiated the first ever Non-Pro Players Meet and Greet Reception at the 2013 ITG Conference, with Board and Non-Pro Players Committee members providing insights regarding ITG support for the Non-Pro Player activities. Small groups of conference attendees meet, chat and exchange ideas and stories as they make new friends and renew old acquaintances.

Previous ITG Conference Non-Pro Players Meet and Greet Receptions:

2013 Grand Rapids

2014 Valley Forge

2015 Columbus, Ohio

2016 Anaheim, California

2017 Hershey, Pennsylvania

2018 San Antonio, Texas

The Non-Pro Player Committee would like to provide Non-Pro/Comeback players with the opportunity to have visible support in the organization. A portion of that is afforded by providing Non-Pro/Comeback players with the opportunity to perform in an ensemble at each ITG conference during the Festival of Trumpets. There is significant interaction and healthy communication when players work together toward a common performance goal.

Previous ITG Conference Non-Pro Players Ensembles at Festival of Trumpets:

2012 Columbus, Georgia – directed by David Brown –17 players in premiere of David Brown’s arrangement of Gabrieli’s Septimi toni a 8, No. 2

2013 Grand Rapids – directed by David Brown - 32 players in a premiere of David Brown’s arrangement of Gabrieli’s Canzona noni toni a 12 and Kevin McKee’s Durrenhorn Passage

2014 Valley Forge – directed by Kevin Eisensmith - 30 players in David Marlatt’s 15-part Festival Fanfare

2015 Columbus, Ohio – directed by David Brown - 28 players in Eric Morales’ Within Sacred Walls and the premiere of Wesley Nance’s A Brief Adventure

2016 Anaheim, California – directed by David Brown – 18 players in the premiere of David Marlatt’s Windscape

2017 Hershey, Pennsylvania - directed by David Brown - 27 players in the premiere of James Olcott's The Standard (a Sousa-style march using the Hayden Concerto as the seed)

2018 San Antonio, Texas - directed by Seretta Hart - 14 players in premiere of Kody Euteneier's Prelude and Fugue on a Theme by Herbert L. Clarke


The Non-Pro Player Committee initiated a new activity at the 2015 ITG Conference specifically for Non-Pro/Comeback Player to assist in the art of warming up.

Previous Non-Pro Player Warm Up Sessions:

2015 Columbus, Ohio - directed by Jeff Piper

2016 Anaheim, California - directed by Jason Bergman - Bergman Warm Up Routine

2017 Hershey, Pennsylvania - directed by Judith Saxton

2018 San Antonio, Texas - directed by John Irish - John Irish Warm Up

ITG Journal articles reviewed and approved for publication by the Non-Pro/Comeback Players Committee:
1. Growing Old Gracefully With the Trumpet: A Guide for the Comeback Player by Donald K. Roeder
2. Pulmonary Mechanics: Factors That Initiate and Maintain an Effective Air Stream by David D. Michie
3. Redefining Goals: The Older Trumpeter in the Community Orchestra by Barry Rachin

Non-Pro Player Articles written by and for Non-Pro/Comeback Players:
1. Care and Feeding Of Your Lip and Skills When Time is Limited by Floyd Friedli
2. The Comeback Player by Vern Campbell
3. Indelibly Stamped - Lessons learned from Mr. James “Jimmy” Stamp by David Johns


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