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ITG is pleased to offer all current members full access to the complete archives of ITG Journals, ITG Newsletters, itg journal jrs, and Recent Programs books from ITG’s inception in 1975 to the present. All of these publications are viewable here in flip book format. Members who would like to download the PDF version of the current year’s ITG Journals can visit the ITG Journal webpage. For a complete, up-to-date index of all articles ever printed by ITG, please see the ITG Journal Index below. In order to view these files, be sure to log in to the ITG Website.

ITG Journal Index

To view these Flowpaper flip book files in the Archives area, simply click on the large arrow (triangle, pointing to the right) in the middle of each publication. This should create a full-screen version of the file. See the instructions for a full explanation of how to use the various navigation buttons. Please note: These files are not downloadable or printable.

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