NPP Clinic

The Non-Pro Player Committee is responsible for selection and recommendation of the presenter and topic for the Non-Pro/Comeback Player Clinic at ITG Conferences.

Previous ITG Conference Non-Pro/Comeback Player Clinics, Presenters and Topics:

2022 San Antonio, Texas – Expanding Range and Flexibility - Jens Lindemann

Jens Lindemann began his clinic for non-professional/comeback players with a dazzling and energetic piccolo trumpet fanfare, aptly setting the tone for the remainder of this well-attended event. As Lindemann recounted some of his most influential and formative experiences with the trumpet, he also discussed many of the foundational ways in which he approaches the instrument. He discussed such topics as his personal practice routine, efficient tone production, approaches to articulation, connection to the instrument without added muscle tension, and many others. Throughout his discussion of pedagogy, Lindemann emphasized a philosophical message of intelligent practice, positivity, and perpetual curiosity. The audience was thoroughly engaged for the duration of the clinic and was encouraged to ask questions. The resulting lively dialogue was enjoyed by all. In his poignant closing remarks, Lindemann took a moment to acknowledge the legacy of Ryan Anthony. (Benjamin Hay) 

2021 Virtual ITG Conference – 

You Sure That’s the Right Note? (Ear-Training for Trumpeters) – James Blackwell (see NPP Video Recordings)

Multi-track Remote Video & Audio Recording – John Hackett (see NPP Video Recordings)

Tips and Tricks to Practice Efficiently – Chris Carrillo

Instrument and Mouthpiece Selection as a Player Ages – Trent Austin (see NPP Video Recordings)

Non-Pro Player Motivation and Covid-19 – John Hackett – live in-person interactive session on Zoom

Self-directed Return to Trumpet Following an Extended Absence – Thomas Zoubek (see NPP Video Recordings)

Helpful Apps & Tools for the Busy Trumpeter – Raquel Samayoa

Playing in a Community Band/Orchestra/Chamber Ensemble – Thomas Zoubek (see NPP Video Recordings)

Be in the know: Classical vs. Jazz Style and Articulation – Robert Sears (see NPP Video Recordings)

2019 Miami, Florida – Christopher Moore, Let's Get Back to Fundamentals!; Keys to Success for Every Comeback/Non-Pro Player Enthusiast (DescriptionPresentationPower Point PDF)

2018 San Antonio, Texas – David Vining, Using Body Mapping to Prevent Injury and Become More Efficient

2017 Hershey, Pennsylvania Chase Sanborn, How to Sustain Level on Limited Practice or Circuit Training for Brass Players

2016 Anaheim, California – Alan Siebert, Coming Back from Injury and Injury Avoidance

2015 Columbus, Ohio – Gordon Mathie, Music is My Life

2014 Valley Forge, Pennsylvania – Vincent DiMartino, The Golden Years of Trumpet – Maintaining Technical and Musical Skills

2013 Grand Rapids, Michigan – David Brown, Starting Over Again – The True Comeback Player

2012 Columbus, Georgia – Bryan Goff, Planning, Structuring, and Adapting to Your Comeback

2011 Minneapolis, Minnesota – Kim Dunnick, Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

2010 Sydney, NSW, Australia – Dan Hallock and Jeff Piper, Tools for Trumpet Players with Day Jobs

2009 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – Don Roeder and Brian Evans, Growing Old Gracefully with the Trumpet

2008 Banff, Alberta, Canada – Michael Tunnell (with Gordon Mathie & Matt Byrne), Recovering from Injury

2007 Amherst, Massachusetts – Kim Dunnick, Comeback Player Basics




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