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This is Antonella Laguardia's Italian translation of "Trumpeter on a Horse," Timofei Dokshizer's autobiography. The International Trumpet Guild published Olga Braslavsky's English translation of this book in 1997, which can be purchased at the ITG book store.

About the translator: Antonella Laguardia (born February 8, 1998) started her music studies at the “Antonio Vivaldi” Music School in Pomarico (Italy), her hometown, and continued her studies at the “E. R. Duni” Academy of Music in Matera (Italy) with the trumpet player Luigi Santo. She obtained her masters degree in trumpet with top marks and honorable mention, writing an experimental thesis on the Haydn and Hummel trumpet concertos. Before ending her studies, she attended a mobility semester (Erasmus+) in Vilnius at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater (LMTA), studying under the guidance of Professor Adomas Kontautas. Thanks to this experience, she became particularly passionate about Russian music and therefore about the great trumpeter Timofei Dokshizer—so much that, once she returned to Italy, she was encouraged to undertake the great work of translating the biography of the Russian trumpeter, Trumpeter on a Horse (Trombettista a Cavallo) in the Italian version). Antonella is a highly passionate and devoted musician with a great sense for Baroque music and with an active profile in orchestral and chamber music.

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