ITG 2016 Conference Coverage


World Record Trumpet Fanfare Video with Doc Severinsen and Arturo Sandoval

ITG 2016 Conference Complete List of Competition and Scholarship Winners

Conference Report Composite - One large PDF of all the daily reports combined.

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 ITG 2016 Competition Awards

ITG Solo Competition
First Place: Brent Proseus
Second Place: Jonathan Britt
Third Place: Eric Millard


ITG Orchestral Excerpts Competition

First Place:Alex Mayon
Second Place: Christopher Boulais and Tessa Ellis


ITG Jazz Solo Competition

First Place: Benjamin Seacrist
Second Place: Cody Rowlands
Third Place: Jonathan Dely


ITG Military Band Excerpts Competition

First Place: Forrest Johnston
Second Place: Ryan Brewer
Third Place: Bret Magliola


ITG Scholarship Winners


ITG Junior Youth Competition
First Place: Thomas Piibe
Second Place: Jeremy Bryant
Third Place: Stefan Filip


ITG Senior Youth Competition
First Place: Daniel Choi
Second Place: Isaac Horwitz-Hirsch
Third Place: Yoojeong Kim


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