2024 New Works Selections Announced


The International Trumpet Guild (ITG) is pleased to announce the composers and performers selected to present new works at the 2024 ITG Conference in Anaheim, California, USA which will be held May 28 – June 1, 2024.

This year, the ITG New Works Committee altered submission guidelines to feature only works written within the last three years, and aimed to prioritize composers and performers not involved with New Works in recent years. The committee received 90 high-quality submissions from around the world. From this extensive list, the committee selected 14 new works for live performance at this year's conference. In addition, ITG will feature six pre-recorded works as virtual performances posted on ITG social media platforms. The New Works Committee thanks all of the composers and performers for their submissions and for expanding trumpet repertoire. Thank you to the New Works Committee for their efforts in reviewing the numerous submissions and organizing the recitals:

Stephen Campbell, Ball State University (Committee Member)

Ashley Killam, Diversify the Stand (Committee Member)

Theresa May, Chromatic Brass Collective (Committee Member)

Armida Rivera, Universidad de Ciencias y Artes de Chiapas, Mexico (Committee Member)

Stacy Simpson, Bellarmine University (Committee Member)

Julia Bell, Texas Tech University (Coordinator)

Marisa Youngs, Winthrop University (Chair)

Congratulations to the following composers and performers:

*Listed in alphabetical order by composer last name


Live Recitals in Anaheim, California, USA

Sonata for Trumpet and Piano

Trumpet/Flugelhorn & Piano

Composer: Daixuan Ai

Performer: Will Koehler


Canon Father

Trumpet Trio

Composer: Jack Ballard

Performers: Chloe Swindler, Joey Tartell, & Brian Walker



Trumpet & Piano

Composer: BJ Brooks

Performer: William Takacs


Radiant Ascent

Flugelhorn (or trumpet) & Piano

Composer & Performer: Brandon Dicks 


On the Road Up North

Trumpet & Piano

Composer: Tom Gontier

Performer: Raquel Samayoa 


Sonata for Heroes

Trumpet & Piano

Composer: Marcus Grant

Performer: Julia Bell


(un?)Fairly Ambiguous

Trumpet & Saxophone 

Composer: Matthew Howell

Performers: Joseph Cooper & John Salinas


American Dream

Trumpet & Piano

Composer & Performer: JaKobe Henry


Did you see the dragon?

Unaccompanied Trumpet

Composer: Remi Inari

Performer: Amanda Ross


Electric Thunderdunk

Trumpet & Fixed Media

Composer: Logan Larson

Performer: Anne McNamara



Trumpet, Wordless Soprano, & Piano

Composer: HyeKyung Lee

Performer: Craig Parker


to find the beauty in surviving our emotions 

Flute, Trumpet, & Piano 

Composer: Erika Malpass

Performers: Alec Burke, Jennifer Burke, & Edward Forstman


Maravillas de la Patagonia

Trumpet, Horn, Bass Trumpet, & Piano

Composer: Catherine McMichael

Performers: Eric Millard, John Kilgore, Katelyn Halpert, Catherine McMichael


Seraphim (robot with a human face)

Trumpet, Oboe, & Piano

Composer: John Mietus

Performer: Tyler Helms 


Innovations 2

Trumpet & Electronics 

Composer: Stephen Montalvo

Performer: Nadje Noordhuis


To the Ones that Know my Heart

Trumpet & Piano

Composer: Morgan Kelly Moss

Performer: George Carsten IV



Trumpet, Clarinet, & Piano

Composer: Franklin Piland

Performers: Sidney Shuler, Pamela Shuler, & Kayla Liechty


Illusion (is the better part of life)

Trumpet, Trombone, & Piano

Composer: Elizabeth Raum

Performers: Imani Duhe & Lori Stuntz


Voyage of Gold

Piccolo Trumpet, Bb Trumpet, & Bass Trumpet

Composer: Vincent Reed

Performers: Ellie Lundy, Kate Marcino, & Bentley Ford 


Streets of Scarlet and Shadow: a film noir reflection

Trumpet & Piano

Composer: Alan Thiesen

Performers: Daniel Kelly & Libby Vanatta


Omen for trumpet and heavy metal band

Trumpet & Fixed Media

Composer: Evan Zegiel

Performer: David Hall


Virtual Performances*

*Pre-recorded performances will be posted to social media preceding the conference.



Trumpet & Piano

Composer: Katahj Copley

Performer: Michael S. Brown, Jr.


Organ Mountain Fantasia

Trumpet & Wind Ensemble

Composer & Performer: Jacob Dalager


Sonatina for Trumpet and Organ

Trumpet & Organ

Composer: John Mange

Performer: Steven Felix


Our Memories in Scrolls

Trumpet & Live Electronics

Composer: Nathan Nokes

Performer: Kenken Gorder


Fanfare for the Nations

Trumpet & Organ

Composer: Brenda Portman

Performer: Brian Reichenbach


Scherzo for trumpet and electronics 

Trumpet & Fixed Electronics

Composer & Performer: Skye van Duuren

(Source: Marisa Youngs)

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