ITG Appoints Wilt As Interim Conference Director

The International Trumpet Guild (ITG) announces that Rebecca Wilt will begin serving as Interim Conference Director beginning September 25, 2023. Ms. Wilt brings with her decades of experience within the ITG as a former conference host, collaborative artist, artistic advisor, and leader in the profession. She currently serves as Event Director for the National Trumpet Competition and has many years of experience coordinating, planning, and executing significant national and international events. The ITG Executive Committee and Board of Directors look forward to her leadership and guidance of our organization’s annual conferences. 

Ms. Wilt was recently nominated as the first non-trumpet member of the ITG Board of Directors. In accepting this new position, she will step down from her membership on the Board. Incoming President Ryan Gardner will appoint a new Board member in the coming weeks to fill the vacancy created by Ms. Wilt’s move to Interim Conference Director.  Photo by Bob Malone.

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