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National Brass Ensemble Academy
From Monday, June 13, 2022
To Tuesday, June 21, 2022
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June 13 - 21, 2022 - National Brass Ensemble Academy, concert, and recording project to be held in San Francisco, CA (USA)! Gathering this group of players is the ultimate threading of a needle moment, and after 7 years we finally found the opportunity to be together again like this! This time, we are adding a week-long Academy which will offer a tremendous opportunity for any serious young brass, percussion, or timpani player to work in an intensive and intimate environment with so many of the top musicians in our business all in one place. I can’t wait to see so many wonderful friends and hear the incredible sound of this group once again!

Here is a list of the personnel:

Boston Symphony
Thomas Rolfs (Principal Trumpet)
Michael Martin (Fourth/Utility Trumpet)
James Markey (Bass Trombone)
Mike Roylance (Principal Tuba)
J. William Hudgins (Principal Percussion)
Jessica Zhou (Principal Harp)

Chicago Symphony
Gail Williams (Former Assoc. Principal Horn, Prof. Northwestern University)
Michael Mulcahy (Second Trombone)
Gene Pokorny (Principal Tuba)

Cleveland Orchestra
Michael Sachs (Principal Trumpet)
Nathaniel Silberschlag (Principal Horn)
Richard King (Fourth Horn, former Principal Horn)
Randy Hawes (Bass Trombone- acting 2021-22)
Yasuhito Sugyama (Principal Tuba)
Marc Damoulakis (Principal Percussion)
Paul Yancich (Principal Timpani)
Trina Struble (Principal Harp)

Demondrae Thurman (Professor, Indiana University)

Los Angeles Philharmonic
Andrew Bain (Principal Horn)

New York Philharmonic
Christopher Martin (Principal Trumpet)
Richard Deane (Assoc. Principal/Acting Principal Horn)
Leelanee Sterrett (Third Horn/Acting Assoc. Principal)
Joseph Alessi (Principal Trombone)

Philadelphia Orchestra
David Bilger (Principal Trumpet)
Jeffrey Curnow (Associate Principal Trumpet)
Jennifer Montone (Principal Horn)
Nitzan Haroz (Principal Trombone)

San Francisco Opera/Ballet Orchestras
Adam Luftman (Principal Trumpet)

San Francisco Symphony
Mark Inouye (Principal Trumpet)
Robert Ward (Principal Horn)
Jonathan Ring (Second Horn)
Timothy Higgins (Principal Trombone)
Jeffrey Anderson (Principal, Tuba)
Jacob Nissley (Principal Percussion)
Jonathan Dimmock (Organist)

Location San Francisco, CA (USA)

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