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Rafael Mendez Brass Institute featuring the Summit Brass and the Denver Brass
From Sunday, July 09, 2017
To Saturday, July 15, 2017
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July 9 - July 15, 2017 - Rafael Mendez Brass Institute featuring the Summit Brass and the Denver Brass. It will be held at the Lamont School of Music on the campus of the University of Denver, Denver, CO (USA). Plans are to take no more that 200 brass players, needing approximately 75 trumpets, 40 horns, 40 trombones, 10 euphoniums, and 35 tubas. 

This year's faculty includes: 

Karin Bliznik -- Principal, Saint Louis Symphony 
David Hickman -- Regents' Professor, Arizona State University 
Alan Hood -- Professor, University of Denver 
John Marchiando -- Principal, New Mexico Philharmonic; Professor, 
University of New Mexico 
Ronald Romm -- Professor, University of Illinois; former member, Canadian 

Thomas Bacon -- former Principal, Berlin Radio Orchestra, Detroit 
Symphony, Houston Symphony, and others 
Allene Hackleman -- Principal, Edmonton Symphony 
Martin Mackleman -- Professor, University of Missouri-Kansas City; 
former Principal, National Symphony, Vancouver Symphony; 
former member, Canadian Brass, Empire Brass 
Susan McCullough -- Professor, University of Denver 
J.D. Shaw -- Professor, University of South Carolina; former member, 
Boston Brass 

Scott Bean -- Professor, University of Denver 
Scott Hartman -- Professor, Yale University; former member, Empire 
Carl Lenthe -- Professor, Indiana University; former Principal, Munich 
Opera Orchestra 
Joseph Martin -- Professor, University of Denver 
Larry Zalkind -- Professor, Eastman School; former Principal, Utah 

John Lofton -- Principal, Los Angeles Philharmonic 

Brian Bowman -- Regents' Professor, University of North Texas; Soloist 

Kathleen Brantigan -- Professor, University of Denver 
Warren Deck -- Professor, University of Denver; former Principal, 
New York Philharmonic 
Timothy Northcut -- Professor, Cincinnati Conservatory 
Daniel Perantoni -- Professor, Indiana University; Soloist 

Joseph Parisi -- Professor, University of Missouri-Kansas City 

They accept students of all ages, high school and up. Each student will receive a $500 tuition scholarship courtesy of the Mendez family, so costs are minimal! 

All students are placed into chamber groups and brass choirs, and rehearse daily with a faculty coach. There are daily master classes on each instrument, daily career development seminars, mock auditions, faculty recitals, and concerts by the Summit Brass and the Denver Brass. Private lessons are also available.

Location Denver, CO (USA)

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