Michael Sachs at the Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa

On October 14-16, 2023, Michael Sachs, Nathaniel Silberschlag, Brian Wendel, Yasuhito Sugiyama, and Marc Damoulakis, of the Cleveland Orchestra, were Artists in Residence and Clinicians for three days at the Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa in Lisbon, Portugal.

The three-day event was funded entirely by the participation of students throughout Portugal and by the AEESML. Organizational and logistical help was provided by Adélio Carneiro (Director) and José Cedoura (Production) and the brass and percussion faculty (David Burt, Stephen Mason, Luis Vieira, Paulo Guerreiro, Ricardo Pereira, Adélio Carneiro, Hugo Assunção) of ESML.



Day one saw presentations by the ESML percussion ensembles, TrompetESML (ESML trumpet ensemble), Esml+Esart Horn Project (combined horn ensembles of ESML and ESART), and the ESML Trombone Ensemble, as well as exhibits of instruments and materials from the local music stores, D. Caeiro, BrassFeelings, RussoMúsica, and AVA Musical Editions.




Day two was filled, morning to night, with masterclass presentations and individual lessons by Michael Sachs and his colleagues. Day three consisted of a combination of individual lessons, chamber music coaching, and orchestral sectional work with the ESML large brass and percussion ensemble.




While this was only the third week of the ESML academic year, the brass, percussion students, and faculty of ESML were treated to three days packed with inspiration, motivation, determination, creativity, education, performances, lessons, sectionals, and chamber music. An enormous thank you to Michael Sachs and his amazing colleagues at the Cleveland Orchestra. (Source: David Burt)


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