Arda Cabaoğlu premieres Sangbin Rhie new work

Turkish Trumpeter Arda Cabaoğlu recently premiered and recorded a new work by composer Sangbin Rhie, Caged Dream of Stuffed Ludwig for solo trumpet and percussion ensemble, in collaboration with The Contemporary Art Music Project (CAMP).

CAMP is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization that promotes innovative art music by collaborating with living composers and performing artists from around the world. 

CAMP commissioned a trumpet concerto with a percussion ensemble and electronics from composer Sangbin Rhie for CAMP's annual new music festival CAMPGround23.  The new trumpet concerto, Caged Dream of Stuffed Ludwig, explores unique sonorities produced by trumpet, percussions including auxiliary instruments, and different electronic samplers. Using fragments from Beethoven's works, the piece makes a commentary on the listening culture of our time. 

Composer Sangbin Rhie describes his work:  “To explain this work simply, it’s a remix of Beethoven’s numerous compositions. Tiny parts of Beethoven’s works were collected and combined together. This piece talks about the way how music consumers perceive music these days. Composers put a significant amount of thought while composing their work. Furthermore, they devote their life to composition. But listeners these days tend to consume music superficially... For them, musical experiences are a bunch of “musical parts” collected into a massive lump. In response, I made "superficial" music which is exactly a massive lump of “musical parts” from Beethoven's works! ..."

Ko, Cabaoğlu, and von Kampen

The premiere performance was March 17, 2023 at The Factory at St.Petersburg, FL. The second performance: March 20, 2023 at St. Petersburg College, FL. Studio recording was made March 19, 2023 at University of South Florida, FL. The director was Kevin von Kampen and the percussion ensemble consisted of  Andrea Burgess, Wyatt Hatch, Matthew Korloch, Shannon Menke, and Maria Petropoulos.  (Source: Eunmi Ko)


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