2022 ITG Conference Competitions Finalists

The International Trumpet Guild is pleased to announce the finalists of six divisions of the Ryan Anthony Memorial Trumpet Competition. Each year ITG hosts seven divisions of competition as part of its annual conference, and recently these competitions were renamed the "Ryan Anthony Memorial Trumpet Competition," in honor of the many artistic and humanitarian contributions of Ryan Anthony.

The students listed below were selected through a competitive, international prescreening process that included preliminary round recordings submitted through the ITG website. Students who wish to be future competitors are encouraged to view the ITG competitions website for information about opportunities in the Ryan Anthony Memorial Trumpet Competition.

The final round of each of these competitions will be held as part of the 2022 ITG Conference, May 31 - June 4, 2022. For more information, or to register, please visit https://www.itgconference.org/

Winners of 2022 ITG conference scholarships are being finalized, and an announcement will be forthcoming soon in a separate website posting.

The ITG Competitions Coordinator thanks all of the Division Chairs and Preliminary Round Judges for their excellent work in the completion of the Preliminary Round.

Solo Division
Chair: Jean Laurenz, University of Wisconsin-Madison

JiaWei Chen
School: The Central Conservatory of Music
Teacher: Zhonghui Dai

Rui Almeida
School: Escola Superior de musica e artes do espetaculo
Teacher: Kevin Wauldron

DoYoung  Baek
School: Busan High School of the Arts
Teacher: Dmitry Lokalenkov

Wind Band Excerpts Division
Chair: MGySgt Susan Rider, "President's Own" U.S. Marine Band

Julia Gill
School: Florida State University
Teacher: Christopher Moore

Christopher Keach
School: McGill University
Teacher: Richard Stoelzel

Anna Kallinikos
School: University of Colorado Boulder
Teacher: Ryan Gardner

Orchestral Excerpts Division
Chair: Christopher Wilson, Pittsburg Opera Orchestra

Michael Winkler
School: University of Colorado Boulder
Teacher: Ryan Gardner

Noah Mennenga
School: University of Colorado Boulder
Teacher: Ryan Gardner

Victor Pires
School: Georgia State University
Teacher: Alexander Freund

Jazz Division
Chair: Oscar Passley, Dallas College Eastfield Campus

Camilo Molina
School: University of Miami
Teacher: Brian Lynch

Emerson Borg
School: UNC Greensboro
Teacher: Thomas Heflin

Summer Camargo
School: The Juilliard School
Teacher: Joe Magnarelli

ITG Youth Competition – 15 and Under Junior Division
Interim Chair: Nairam Simoes, Arkansas State University

Carson Frank
Leander, TX, USA
Teacher: Marc Sutton

Seo Jin (Michelle) Park
Palo Alto, CA, USA
Teacher: Mark Nemoyten

Jason Zgonc
Decatur, GA, USA
Teacher: Stuart Stephenson

Alejandro Martinez
Rockwall, TX, USA
Teacher: Cris Roman

Yinglu Liu
Tsingtao, Shandong, China
Teacher: Zhonghui Dai

Shi Jiu
Beijing, Beijing, China
Teacher: Li Rui

KunPeng Liu
Beijing, Beijing, China
Teacher: Zhonghui Dai

Liwei Deng
Beijing, Beijing, China
Teacher: Li Rui

Stephen Zhang
Palo Alto, CA, USA
Teacher: Jacob Brodski

Song Luoning
Beijing, Beijing, China
Teacher: Li Rui

Jade Park
Newington, NSW, Australia
Teacher: Paul Terracini

Yuntong Li
Beijing, Beijing, China
Teacher: Rui Li

Juhan Lee
Irvine, CA, USA
Teacher: Matthew Kim

Ricardo Lazaro
San Antonio, TX, USA
Teacher: Self-taught

Alejandro Martinez
Rockwall,Texas, USA
Teacher: Cris Roman

ITG Youth Competition – 15-19 Senior Division
Interim Chair: Nairam Simoes, Arkansas State University

Zane Kenzik
Mason, OH, USA
Teacher: Nairam Simoes

Harrison Ellis
Fultondale, AL, USA
Teacher: Jeremy Stanley

Christopher LeDoux
Staten Island, NY, USA
Teacher: Joseph Loposky

Abraham Smith
Rockwall, TX, USA
Teacher: Cristian Roman

Garrison Boehl
Prairieville, LA, USA
Teacher: Matthew Vangjel

Nathan Adams
Belgrade, MT, USA
Teacher: Sarah Stoneback

Jack Bricklemyer
Tampa, FL, USA
Teacher: Robert Murray

Bridgette Thomas
Frisco, TX, USA
Teacher: Richard Adams

Allie Erickson
Shelley, ID, USA
Teacher: Gary Pawelko

Ian Lee
Haverford, PA, USA
Teacher: Alexander Serio

Hsueh-Yang Yang
Midland, TX, USA
Teacher: Jordan Holmes

Charlie McDermott
Vienna, VA, USA
Teacher: Paul Vesilind

Aidan Finnerud
Nacogdoches, TX, USA
Teacher: Macedonio Mucino

(Source: ITG Competitions Coordinator & Board Member Jason Dovel, University of Kentucky)

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