Trumpet Summit 2

Trumpet Summit 2 was held on March 28, 2021, and featured stories, discussion, technology demonstrations, music and great camaraderie within and among the trumpet community.

Speakers and panel participants included: Tom Willams (Trumpet Summits co-founder), Scotty Barnhart, Alicia Rau, Bria Skonberg, Grant Peters (ITG President), Vince DiMartino, Charlie Porter, Gary Greenfelder, Johnny Summers, Dimitri Donat, Kenny Rampton, Kris Johnson, Walt Johnson, Larry Meregillano, Joshua Trinidad, Ron D'Angelo and Mark Miller (the host and co-founder). As before, the second Trumpet Summits session in the series was interesting for young trumpet players, educators, non-professional players and professionals alike.

You can see and hear the Trumpet Summit 2 discussions by clicking on this YouTube video link:

(Source: Mark Miller)

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