Apex Trumpet Symposium

The Apex Trumpet Symposium was launched in October 2020 by core artists Mary Elizabeth Bowden (Yamaha Artist, Seraph Brass, Shenandoah Conservatory), David Dash (Yamaha Artist, University of North Carolina School of the Arts, Santa Fe Opera), and Nathan Warner (Bach Artist, International Recording Artist, Sugartone Brass Band).

Apex founders (L-to-R: Warner, Bowden, Dash)

The Fall 2020 faculty also included Tanya Darby, Amy McCabe, Billy Hunter, Jose Sibaja, and Caleb Hudson. The Spring 2021 faculty included Sergei Nakariakov, Tom Hooten, Nadje Noordhuis, Elmer Churampi, Don Greene, Mireia Farrés Bosch, Lessie Vonner, Pacho Flores, Barbara Butler, and Jon Faddis. Students received two 90-minute classes per week for 10 weeks, and participated in private lessons, mock auditions, warm-up routines, and other activities. 

Zoom session of Apex participants

(Source: Mary Elizabeth Bowden)

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