In Memoriam: Bo Nilsson (1940–2018)

ITG has learned of the passing of Swedish trumpeter Bo Nilsson, who passed away December 12, 2018.

Nilsson was born in Stockholm, Sweden on Sept. 19, 1940, to Karl Gustav Nilsson and Elsa Nilsson. His first trumpet teacher was Ivar Widner. At age 15, Nilsson joined the Military Coast Guard Band, and studied with Per Goffin. Two years later, he was transferred to the Royal Air Force Band, and studied with Bengt Hedbom.  He also attended the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm where he studied with Allan Olsson.

He later joined the Symphony Orchestra of the City of Norrköping (1960–61) and became Second Trumpet in Malmö Symphony Orchestra in 1961, staying in this position for decades.
Nilsson took occasional lessons from Knud Hovaldt from 1962 to 1967.  Hovaldt completely overhauled his embouchure, which led to Nilsson's insatiable desire to learn about teaching.  He also took lessons with Pierre Thibaud, Edward Tarr, and Adolph Herseth.
Nilsson became Sweden's greatest trumpet teacher.  He taught in his home and also at Lund University in Malmo (1974–78).  Was a guest professor at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne, Australia (1979). He taught at the music conservatory in Stavanger, Norway (1986–88), Gakuen School of Music in Tokyo (1990-96), and was the co-teacher (with Otto Sauter) at the Bremen Trumpet Academy in Bremen, Germany (1995–2002).
Nilsson's best known students are Håkan Hardenberger and Ole Edvard Antonsen.
Nilsson was a member of the Edward Tarr Brass Ensemble, Otto Sauter's Ten of the Best, and the Bengt Eklund Baroque Ensemble.  He recorded several solo albums and appears in a video about Hardenberger titled "Golden Trumpet."
(Source: David Hickman/Trumpet Greats: A Biographical Dictionary)

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