Washington National Cathedral Trumpets

The National Cathedral in Washington, DC has a rich history of musical and cultural offerings to the DC metropolitan area, which includes Baroque trumpeting by Josh Cohen and Joelle Monroe.

Cohen has served as Principal Solo Baroque trumpet for the National Cathedral Baroque Orchestra for the past decade. Every year, Cohen and his colleagues play to sold out performances (3500+ concertgoers) of high baroque masterpieces featuring the Baroque trumpet including: Handel's Messiah, Bach's B minor Mass, Handel's Israel in Egypt, and Vivaldi's Gloria

Monroe and Cohen at the Washington National Cathedral in December 2017

With a choir of children singing the soprano lines, and a mostly male chorus directed by Mike McCarthy, the ensemble strives to recreate this literature in a manner as it may have sounded in the eighteenth century.

Monroe and Cohen with their Baroque trumpets

In addition to serving as a principal ensemble member, Cohen will also present a solo recital at the Cathedral on May 10. For more information on these and other trumpet-featured concerts, please visit the Cathedral website:


(Source: Josh Cohen, Principal Solo Baroque Trumpet, National Cathedral Baroque Orchestra, Washington, DC)

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