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June 9 - 12, 2021 - The Michael Sachs Trumpet Audition Intensive Online Seminar
From Wednesday, June 09, 2021
To Saturday, June 12, 2021
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June 9 - 12, 2021 - The Michael Sachs Trumpet Audition Intensive Online Seminar, hosted virtually by the Cleveland Institute of Music.  Along with Michael Miller, Mr. Sachs will be presenting a comprehensive 4-Day orchestral trumpet online seminar this June where we will be covering 34 of the most standard works in the orchestral trumpet repertoire, along with wide-ranging discussions on warm-up, fundamentals, and basics routine, as well as how to practice and prepare these orchestral works for auditions and performance.

There are two fee levels dependent upon your participation level:

Observer- $95
As an observer, you get complete access to all classes and the Mock Audition

Participant- $295
Participants will be capped at 18 total.
Each participant will get:
- Complete access to all classes
- One 45-minute lesson with either Michael Sachs or Michael Miller
- Play one orchestral passage in one of the classes (to be assigned based on preference)
- Play 2 rounds in the Mock Audition

Please follow this link for further details.

Location Virtual

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