Call for Nominations

The nominating committee for the election of officers and board members of the International Trumpet Guild is soliciting recommendations from the membership for a Vice-President/President-Elect and a Secretary to serve 2023-2025 and for board members to serve 2023-2027. Self-nominations are welcome. Please send nominations by November 15, 2022, to:
Ryan Gardner, ITG Vice-President/President-Elect 
Nominations must include a concise bio of no more than 200 words. The bio should include any service to or involvement with the ITG and/or the profession in general. Those nominees chosen to appear on the ballot will also later be asked to provide a 200-word platform statement prior to publication. Please confirm with any nominee that they would be willing to serve if nominated and elected. After the nominating committee (comprised of the vice pres- ident, one board member, and three members at large) develops the final slate of nominees, ballots will be mailed to all eligible members of the ITG. Voting will occur by paper ballot or online between March 15 and April 15, 2023. The vice president will form an election team to count the ballots within thirty days after the deadline for their return, and the membership will then be notified of the election results.

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