ITG Welcomes New Board & Officers

The International Trumpet Guild officially welcomed its new Board Members and Officers on October 1, 2019.

The new President of ITG is Grant Peters, Professor of Trumpet and Missouri State University. The new Vice President/President-Elect is Jason Bergman, Associate Professor of Trumpet at Brigham Young University. Elisa Koehler of Winthrop University now serves as Secretary. Outgoing President Cathy Leach will continue to serve as immediate Past President. ITG also welcomes the following new members of the Board of Directors:

Jennifer Dearden

Jason Dovel

Christopher Moore

Nadje Noordhuis

Mary Thornton

Brian Walker

John Foster (2 year replacement for Bergman)

Amy Schendel (2 year replacement for Koehler)

Alexis Morales Barrientos (International appointment: Costa Rica)

Chen Rui (International appointment: China)

In addition, Andrea Tofanelli (International appointment: Italy) has been added to the ITG Advisory Council.

For full contact information of new and existing ITG Officers, feel free to visit the ITG Officers page at:


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