Legacy Endowment Donors


Fanfare Society

ITG thanks all donors to the Legacy Endowment Fund and wishes to give special recognition to those who have achieved the following lifetime giving levels.


Benefactor  $100,000


Sponsor  $25,000


Trustee  $10,000
Anthony L. Pasquarelli Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation 
Kim and Jane Dunnick*

Stephen and Linda Jones* in memory of Steve Jones

Patron  $5,000
Paul Halliwell, in memory of Anthony L. Pasquarelli
Col. (ret.) Gilbert Mitchell* in memory of his wife, Joyce
David & Rina Reynolds

Supporter  $2,500
Stephen Chenette*
Allan Dean
Johnson, Keith & Cecile
Alan & Cathy Siebert

Partner  $1,000
Dixie & Bill Burress

Ray Crisara Memorial
Zhonghui Dai
Irina & Anna Dokshizer
Brian Evans
Bruce Gavril in memory of Roger & Martha Voisin
Dan Hallock*
Larry & Judy Johansen
David & Jean Jones* in memory of Dorothy & Elroy Norton and
      Carl & Jackie Jones
Cathy Leach

Delta Leeper in memory of Durward D. Leeper
Gordon Mathie*
Gary & Kristin Mortenson*
James & Marcia Olcott*
Philip Pfeiffer*
William Pfund*
Jeff & Marsha Piper
Tara Radekevich in honor of John Walter Torbett, III
Triplo Press*
Arthur Vanderhoeft*
Pam & Peter Voisin* in memory of Roger & Martha Voisin
Roger Voisin* in memory of Rene & Marie Voisin
Reverend Jan Pzn Warmerdam* in memory of Hendrika Warmerdam
Don Whitaker
George Winton* in honor of Bramwell Smith

Friend  $500
Joseph Bowman
Harold Hollander
John Irish
Paul Kurtz
Alvin L. Lowrey
Grant Peters

* Members of the Legacy Endowment Founders' Circle. These donors each gave $1,000 in 2003 to establish the Legacy Endowment Fund.

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