Chris Hasselbring & Kirsty Montgomery present "The Natural Trumpet: Why Bother"

In October 2015, BFB authors Chris Hasselbring and Kirsty Montgomery presented a hands-on workshop called “The Natural Trumpet: Why Bother?” to Professor Robert Sullivan’s trumpet studio at Northwestern University’s Bienen School of Music.

The workshop started by discussing the early 19th century when various mechanisms were being introduced to expand or “fix” the harmonic series of the trumpet. Next, it focused on the origins of natural trumpet repertoire to provide context for the significance of the music and players of the natural trumpet. Students were then provided an opportunity to play repertoire written from the end of the 16th century through the early 19th century. The workshop conveyed the relevance and importance of the natural trumpet for modern day performers of brass instruments.

The “Natural Trumpet: Why Bother?” workshop was repeated at the invitation of Roosevelt University Tuba Professor Charlie Schuchat in early 2016. On this occasion trombone, French horn, and even tuba players joined the trumpeters in playing natural trumpets. The occasion demonstrated how the natural trumpet is not only accessible to all brass players, but also provides a fascinating glimpse into the experience and sound world of our predecessors.




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