2020 ITG Conference Competition Finalists

The International Trumpet Guild is pleased to announce the 2020 finalists for the competitions to be held at the 2020 ITG Conference in Columbus, Ohio. ITG Scholarship winners will be posted at a later date.

ITG Solo Competition
Jean Laurenz, Chair (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Robin Sung Joon Park, Sydney Conservatorium of Music
Teacher: Bruce Hellmers

Miguel Pais, Independent Performer from Aveiro, Portugal

Grace O'Connell, Middle Tennessee State University,
Teacher: Michael Arndt

Wind Band Excerpts
Amy McCabe, Chair (President’s Own Marine Band)

Joseph Tkach, Baylor University
Teacher: Wiff Rudd

Ian Mertes, University of Colorado Boulder
Teacher: Justin Bartels

Madison Sinan, Messiah College
Teacher: William Stowman

Jazz Competition
Jason Carder, Chair (University of Arizona)

Zaq Davis, University of Miami
Teacher: Brian Lynch

Andrew Stephens, UC Berkeley
Teacher:  Maurice Montgomery (Mentor from Sacramento)

Evan Taylor, University of Utah
Teacher:  Peyden Shelton

ITG Orchestral Excrpts Competition
Peyden Shelton, chair (University of Utah)

Bronson Pascual, University of Utah
Teacher: Peyden Shelton)

David Nakazona, Roosevelt University
Teacher: Mark Ridenour

Joseph Tkach, Baylor University
Teacher: Wiff Rudd

ITG Youth Competitions
Marc Reed, chair (University of Akron)

Junior Division:

Jack Bricklemyer, H.B. Plant HS - Rob Murray

Sam Ferguson, Acadia Jr. HS – Darryl Ferguson

Andy Hou, Clairbourn School – Caster Teoh

Yutong Li, NCPA – Rui Li

Benjamin Lyczkowski, Concord MS- Mark Olson

Charles McDermott, George C. Marshall HS – Paul Vesilind

Owen McWhirter, Stem Highlands Ranch - Brent Roach

Thomas Muir, St. Andrew’s MS – Cynda Fleming

Jade Park, MLC School – Andrew Evans

Rowan Peters, Carmel MS – N/A

Stephen Stricker, Randall K. Cooper HS – Chris Kiradjieff  

Senior Division:

Ken Yeates, Highland HS – Deretta Hart

Austin Watkinson, Sidwell Friends School – Dave Detwiler

Jack Towse, Friends Academy – Jonathan Heim

Harrison Epstein, Julliard Pre-College – Ray Mase

Alex Ashley, Middleton HS – Halie Brown

John Church, Boston HS – Mark Berney  

(Source: Jason Dovel, Chair of ITG Competitions) 

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