Andrew Balio to Catholic University

Andrew Balio, principal trumpet of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, has been appointed trumpet instructor at the Rome School of Music, Drama and Art of the Catholic University of America in Washington DC.

Andrew Balio

Balio is former principal trumpet of the Israel Philharmonic and founder of the Future Symphony Institute. Balio writes, “I am most happy to be at the beginning of building a place from where I can teach trumpeters during their most formative years in this very musically conducive environment. This will be a small studio which will give us more time to play side by side, as I feel this is the best way to learn."

Regarding Catholic University of America’s music school and its unique opportunity, Balio writes, “I admire the Rome School’s stated purpose and focus as ‘a harmony of beauty and tradition’ and that ‘we are musicians and scholars, creators and admirers of beauty who explore the depths of tradition, both secular and sacred, and use it to serve the world through music today.' "

(Source: Andrew Balio)

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