UNM Trumpet Week

The University of New Mexico (UNM) Guild Trumpet hosted the second annual UNM Trumpet Week, April 8-12, 2018.

UNM Trumpet Week is an event that showcases the trumpet studio at UNM, both past and present, with concerts and classes. Each year, UNM invites both a guest artist and an alumnus guest artist to visit Albuquerque. 2018 guests were Doc Severinsen and UNM alumnus, Dr. Cathy Leach.

The week began Sunday, April 8, with a solo concert featuring UNM faculty member, Dr. John Marchiando. Marchiando performed unheralded works for trumpet from the last 150 years by composers Malcom Arnold, Thorvald Hansen, Charles Reskin, and Jean-Baptist Arban. Monday’s event was a clinic with Doc Severinsen and Cathy Leach. Dr. Leach conducted an interview style clinic with Doc, which included questions about his childhood teacher, how the Tonight Show Band was formed, and more. Listening to Doc reminisce and share anecdotes from his career had the audience riveted, and often, in stitches laughing. Doc also answered several questions from the audience, and at one point, when discussing his legendary fitness regime, dropped and held a plank for several minutes!

On Tuesday, the artists graciously offered their time to teach more, with Cathy teaching some lessons, and Doc working with the UNM Jazz Band. The day ended with several students taking both guests to dinner for a rousing evening for great Mexican food and great conversation. Dr. Leach’s solo recital on Wednesday was the featured event of the day. Cathy performed solo works by Turrin, Hummel, and Higdon. She was joined by Doc for a setting of the spiritual Balm in Gilead for two trumpets and piano. To end the concert, Dr. Marchiando, Professor Jeff Piper, and several trumpet students came to the stage as a trumpet ensemble back up for the guests on a beautiful arrangement of Gershwin’s Someone to Watch Over Me.

UNM Trumpet Week came to a close on Thursday evening with a recital that featured several current students performing works for solo trumpet, duo, and brass quintet.

The UNM Trumpet Guild would like to thank all who were involved to help make the event possible, including the International Trumpet Guild, Shires & Co., the Associated Students of UNM, the Graduate and Professional Students Association, and the Department of Music.

(Source: John Marchiando)

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