DiMartino and Foster "Sound the Trumpets"

John Foster, director of Australian Baroque Brass, and Vince DiMartino, international soloist and former President of the International Trumpet Guild, toured the United States presenting their “Sound the Trumpets” show during the month of November 2017.

The tour included concerts across much of the southern United States including Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Virginia. They were joined by collaborative piano artist Robert Jeter, a doctoral student at the University of Kentucky.

Vince DiMartino and John Foster

“Sound the Trumpets” showcases historical trumpets and related instruments from pre-history through to the instruments of today (and everything that evolved in between). This was the second of such tours undertaken by “Sound the Trumpets” in as many years and with over 25 historical trumpets on show.

Their diverse program included music by Monteverdi, Leopold Mozart, Reiche, Haydn, W. Mozart, Diabelli, Kruetzer, Arban, Keonig, Percy Code, Roderigo, Morricone, Mendez, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, and others. The vast array of music was complemented very nicely by the use of a large projection screen, which enhanced the overall production with relevant images, videos, and sound bites throughout. Enthusiastic onlookers were also treated to the opportunity of looking at unique historical instruments up close after every concert. Some of the rare instruments include an original English Slide Trumpet (Harris c. 1740, converted early 19th century), and an original Shaw’s Patented Disc-Valve Cornopean (c. 1845).

DiMartino and Foster in concert (with Robert Jeter, piano)

The tour was also intercepted by numerous other well-known artists, with Canadian Brass trumpeters Chris Coletti, and Caleb Hudson taking time out of their tour to try out Foster’s trumpets (“Foster Model” Baroque and keyed trumpets). 

Australian trumpeter John Foster with the Canadian Brass at the University of Kentucky in Lexington, KY

When performing in Knoxville, Tennessee, the duo were also delighted to have trumpet legend, and friend, “Doc” Severinsen in the audience. Other notable audience members in attendance were ITG President, Cathy Leach and Leonard Candelaria, among others. “Sound the Trumpets” also took time out from the tour to visit the trumpet studios of many universities, where the pair gave master classes to students at the University of Kentucky, University of Louisville, Emory and Henry College, University of Alabama, University of Tennessee, and the University of Louisiana at Monroe.

You can learn more about "Sound the Trumpets" on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Sound-the-Trumpets-501619813555916/ and on YouTube: https://youtu.be/4ypyl4DgKrg


Source: Marisa Youngs (Teaching Assistant, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY)

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