ITG Journal Ad Specifications

Advertisement Space is available in the following sizes:

  Width Depth  
Full page* 8.5 inches 11 inches image area, page size
Half page(horizontal) 7.25 inches 4.5 inches image area (horizontal)
Half page(vertical) 3.5 inches 9.5 inches image area (vertical)
Quarter page 3.5 inches 4.5 inches image area (vertical only)

*Full-page ads: If your ad does not bleed, please plan for at least a 1/2-inch margin on all sides; if your ad bleeds, please establish a 1/8-inch bleed beyond the page boundary on all sides that bleed.

ITG Journal Ad Preparation Requirements and Information

Please submit ads early; issues are forwarded to the printer shortly after the deadline.

The ITG Journal is printed direct-to-plate from computer files. Ads may be submitted in the following electronic formats via email, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, or from your ftp site or through DropBox-type services:

  • QuarkXPress (versions up to 2019)—The Quark - XPress file, all linked graphic files (see About TIF/TIFF Files below), and font files must be included with the ad as well as a PDF file or laser print for proofing.
  • Adobe InDesign (versions up to current CC)—The InDesign file, all linked graphic files (see About TIF/TIFF Files below), and font files must be included with the ad as well as an PDF file or laser print for proofing.
  • Photoshop TIF — SAVE AS a 300, 600 or 1200dpi TIF file. You may use LZW compression to make the file smaller if you wish, but it is not required. (See About TIF/TIFF Files below.)
  • Illustrator, FreeHand, and Corel Draw files can be made to work, but require a little preparation on your part; contact [email protected] for details before sending these files.

A PDF file or laser printout should be sent with all electronic submissions for proofing purposes. It is suggested that complex electronically-submitted ads be professionally prepared to avoid costly delays, because files that print well on office printers may not print properly on equipment used to print the Journal. Contact [email protected] in advance with any questions about file preparation and submission.

About TIF/TIFF Files: TIFs containing only photographic imagery will generally print properly if saved at 300dpi resolution at print size. If large text (i.e., 14-pt or greater) or fine lines are involved, 600dpi is recommended. If smaller text or very fine lines are involved, 1200dpi will produce better results. Normally, TIFs should be saved in grayscale mode, but if only black line art is used (no grays or screens at all), then 1-bit or Photoshop “Bitmap” mode will make the file much smaller and lines/edges crisp.

PC Users: Our layouts are done on Macintosh equipment. We can convert most Windows TrueType fonts, but not PostScript/Type 1. If there is any doubt, please coordinate with the layout tech ([email protected]) before sending. A PDF file or laser printout really helps to resolve font conflicts.

  • Please do not send negative film; it is no longer used by our printer.
  • Advertisers will be invoiced at the time of publication. Do not send money to the Ad Manager.
  • All advertisers are sent a complete copy of the issue containing their ad(s).
  • Advertisements that contain only typography may be printed on an office printer and submitted by mail. Please avoid extremely thin type. Gray tint backgrounds can be added by the layout tech on request.
  • Fine white text on black background may fill in and become unreadable due to ink spreading as it hits the paper; if you wish to do this, use of bold or large white text is highly recommended. ITG will not be responsible for text rendered unreadable in this way.
  • Inclusion of your contact information within your advertisement is highly encouraged.

Additional Miscellaneous Charges and Other Items:

  • All materials become the property of ITG and will not be returned (add $25 to return materials).
  • All half- and quarter-page ads will normally have a border set at the width and depth shown in the size specs on this page. If you specifically desire a borderless ad, please specify this.
  • Minimum charge to change an ad that has been submitted: $20.
  • Half- and quarter-page ads must be accurately sized to the specifications on the previous page. Incorrectly sized ads may be re-sized without notice and without regard to original proportions.
  • Advertisements must use professional-quality typography. The layout tech reserves the right to return ads or invoice the advertiser for typesetting and graphic arts costs for ads not properly prepared ($25 minimum charge, plus $20 per photo or graphic).

The ITG Journal Editor reserves the right to reject any advertisement for any reason. The ITG also reserves the right to request additional information about or see samples of products advertised. The Editor may request that editorial changes be made.

Advertising manager: [email protected]
Layout tech: [email protected]

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