ITG President's Welcome

Congratulations, you have reached the gateway to the International Trumpet Guild's great services and benefits. Welcome to the ITG Web Site!

On behalf of the ITG Board of Directors and all its many thousands of members worldwide, I hope you have a wonderful experience as you investigate the many features that lie within. Since its major rebuild during the last few years, the website has continued to evolve and develop thanks to the efforts of Michael Anderson and his huge team of volunteers. Take a look around and see for yourself.

ITG’s mission is well known, “to promote and foster communication among trumpeters worldwide and to improve the artistic level of every aspect of the instrument.”  But how do we do that - essentially by encouraging engagement with you, the trumpet world. And that world is a diverse one too.  We use the term trumpet, but that represents a broad “extended family” of instruments.  Not only do we embrace all facets of the “trumpet family” of instruments, we aim to be truly international and inclusive across genres as well as nationalities. We all belong to the same endeavour no matter our race, creed, age, experience or gender. We are united in our goal to get the most out of our activities with the world’s greatest and most versatile musical instrument.

In the public area, you can browse through News, reports of the Annual Conferences, catch up with what’s happening with our Affiliate Chapters and non-Pro players, access ITG’s Youth Site, check out the jobs situation and ITG’s events calendar and more. If you are not already a member, all of that might inspire you to join so you can access the members’ area.

If you have not joined yet, please do so. For members, we have the extraordinary quarterly Journal, available as a download and/or in hard copy, depending on your type of membership preference. Peter Wood and his team of, you guessed it, volunteers, assemble a publication that is packed with news and information and is the envy of the musical instrument organisation world.

You are also entitled to take advantage of the Smart Music discount, receive discounted conference registration, a free CD each year and printed music to download. The areas such as historical reprints and videos are constantly being repopulated with new material.

By popular demand, ITG once again has a Membership Directory! This time it is online and requires members to “opt in”, meaning you need to access that part of the members’ website and check the appropriate box. Then you can add as little or as much personal information as you wish, and even include a photo or yourself (highly recommended). That is just one more of the many way ITG is helping trumpet players engage with each. Go there today to check out just WHO might be listed there as an ITG member with YOU. I do encourage all members to use the directory page and at least place your name there.

Engagement is not restricted to this website, either. Apart from the personal interaction at events, ITG also has a social media presence such as on Facebook and twitter 

ITG events are legendary. Now that we have a growing Affiliate Chapter cohort, chaired by Cindy Carrell, more regional events are being arranged. Why not consider starting your own chapter in your area, wherever you are in the world? It is easy to do, if you can gather five members in good standing and there are also grants that you can apply for to assist with your local events. 

The jewel in the crown of ITG events has to be our annual Conference. You may have already attended one yourself, or just been inspired by reading the reports on the Conference page of this website. In any case, now you can participate yourself, more than ever. As we accelerate our efforts towards inclusion, we now have specific activities for the come-back or amateur players. There is a dedicated Youth Day which is geared towards high school and college students. Students can also take part in classical and jazz solo competitions, including the new Band Excerpts Competition, added for 2016. You would be amazed to see where many winners and even place getters over the years, have ended up. They are part of the backbone of the professional trumpet world and many of them first came to public attention in ITG Conference Competitions! 

Trumpet Preludes are a great hit with audiences and performers alike and Festival of Trumpets is a great way for delegates to express themselves after a week of “just” listening. Additionally, ITG now sends out calls for submissions for the Research Room, New Works recitals and general Presentations. All these initiatives have resulted in many dozens of submissions, creating quite difficult tasks for the selection committees.  Watch ITG Announcements and social media for such calls.

Apart from in the conference, ITG runs 2 major international Solo. The next Ellsworth Smith International Trumpet Solo Competition (co-sponsored by the Columbus Foundation) takes place August 31 to September 4 2016 and the next Carmine Caruso Jazz Trumpet Solo Competition (co-sponsored by the Herb Alpert Foundation) will be held in 2017. These rich competitions attract a wonderful selection of up-and-coming musicians many of whom have gone on to very great things in the years following.

None of the above would be possible without the tireless work of the ITG Board of Directors and the army of volunteers who contribute to SO many aspects of ITG. So, in closing, I would like to thank THEM on behalf of all of you!

Happy music making, everyone, and I hope you enjoy the website and that I see you soon at one of ITG’s many events.

Brian Evans, President

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